It’s pretty easy and fairly intuitive, actually, once you get past all the VAST amounts of data they feel compelled to plop all over your page, and figure out what to show and where the stuff you need is.

I made a little video of the process if you’re that kind of learner (and it was fun for me to learn how to do a screen video–but sorry I type so slowly)…but in a nutshell:

First, make sure you’ve created your new account and can access the “admin” bar…the site you’ll log into will be something like Then you’ll click “new” at the top, then dropdown to “post” and off you go.

They have this new system called “blocks” instead of normal word processing; it apparently has something to do with viewing the site on a mobile device. If you look to the top right of the page, you might see a sidebar down the side…if you don’t see it, click on the “settings” gear icon thing in the upper right, and it should appear.

It gives you two choices: Document and Block. Block is the one you see whenever you type, and Document is the one that gives you control over pretty much anything else.

If you click “Document” you can scroll down to “categories.” For you, you’ll want to always check both “blog” and “blog: Keyboard to Keyboard”–that’s how the site knows to send that post to YOUR page. (All of mine have the “ministering through music” category tagged, so they go to mine.)

That’s the basic gist of it…I’ll add more as we go, since Jim would like to have a few posts already up there before we send it to you so you’ll get a sense of what it’s going to look like.