One other piece of the whole thing you should begin to get used to is the menu bar on the left. The most important thing you’ll need over there, aside from the Media tab I showed you in the Featured Image post, is the “posts” item (with the thumbtack). If you click on “all posts,” it will show you everything on all the various pages, including unfinished “drafts” (You can do this too–create a post and “save draft,” without publishing it yet.)

If you want to see just your own, look at the top of the page and you’ll see some choices of filters. Go to “all categories,” and then use the dropdown to change it to “blog: keyboard to keyboard” and then click “filter.” Then it will only show you your own.

What’s important here too–if you ever create a post and forget to categorize it, here is where you’ll find it! You can go back to “all categories” and pore through that, or just filter for “uncategorized,” and you’ll be able to locate it.

Here’s a video of that too if it helps:

Most of the rest of what is over there you can ignore. The Posts menu and the Media Library are important, but not much else. Comments are always filtered, and we get a lot of spam, and I go in regularly to get rid of as much spam as I can. If you see a specific comment that you want to approve, you can do that, but I try to stay on it pretty well, and if the comment looks and sounds like a real person and not a bot, I’ll generally let it through.

Everything else I don’t touch–that’s Jim and Paul’s (our IT guy) domain. ­čÖé