As we celebrate the birth of Christ, join us in reflection and song. You will find a short audio program added each day of Christmas. Only a few minutes long, each installment includes scripture, reflection, and a musical selection.

From Jacque B. Jones hymn: Newborn Child Now Sleeping 

Starlit child of wonder, moonlit child of grace,

maker God among us: our Creator’s face.

Joined here today: eternity and time.

God has crossed the threshold in this act sublime.

© 2014 GIA Publications


As we journeyed through these last six weeks of our audio advent calendar and these selections for the twelve days of Christmas, it was our delight to share with you music and texts that have been old favorites of ours. It was also our joy to come across forgotten or unknown items in our catalog. In a similar way, may you hold dear all that you cherish, and delight in the new and unexpected beauty coming your way in this new year.   

Music: We Three Kings (arr. Fisher, CD-189), Festival First Nowell (arr. Forrest, G-8720)

From Delores Dufner’s hymn: Rejoice in Jesus’ Birth

Announce God’s presence with us;

rejoice in Jesus’ birth.

All creatures, sing your praises

with dancing on the earth!

All creatures, sing your praises

with dancing on the earth!

© 2013 Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict.


During these twelve days of Christmas, we’ve spared you partridges, French hens, swans a-swimming and lords a-leaping. But today we have some drummers drumming. Keep step with us until we reach the end of our pilgrimage tomorrow on Epiphany.

Music: O Little Town of Bethlehem (arr. Petrunak, CD-466) Pat-a-Pan (arr. Haugen, G-3806)

From Sylvia Dunstan’s hymn: Christ Is Born! 

Christ is born! Let all creation

shout in joyous hope today.

Christ is Born! O Jesus, Savior,

God with us now and always.

Christ is born! To God be glory,

honor, blessing, thanks and praise.

© 1991 GIA Publications


Here we are eleven days after Christmas. Has your busy-ness of returning gifts, filing choral music, and planning the new year already prevented you from joining the angels and proclaiming the Messiah’s birth? Keep singing praise!

Music: Born is Jesus (arr. Petrunak, CD-466) Worship the Newborn King (Holland, G-8636)

From Adam Tice’s hymn: Come, O unexpected Jesus!

Come, O unexpected Jesus,

   as at Bethlehem you came:

God incarnate, yet an infant,

   shunning earthly might and fame.

Come, Emmanuel, and through us

   birth the new world you proclaim!

© 2015 GIA Publications


The text and tune of Jesus Comes were first sung together at a holiday party on the tenth night of Christmas, hence its inclusion today. It is a wonderful example that new Christmas carols can find their way into hymnals.

Music: O Come, All Ye Faithful (arr. Fisher, CD-189) Jesus Comes (Morris/Bringle, G-9779)

From Mel Bringle’s hymn: Nature holds its breath

Nature holds it breath.

In the hush of night, a baby’s cry

wakes the world from longing dreams,

ushers in the dawn.

© 2002 GIA Publications


Today our offering for you is perhaps the best know anthem in the Walton catalog, Norman Luboff’s setting of Still, Still, Still. It has been sung by literally thousands of choirs across the world. Have you sung, played or conducted it?

Music: The Christmas Story (arr. Petrunak, CD-466) Still, Still, Still (arr. Luboff, W-3003)

From Delores Dufner’s hymn: Without Beginning, Christ, You Were

Eternal Life that cannot die,

you chose our mortal frame.

Of Mary born like one of us,

in human flesh you came.

In flesh that dies you came.

© 2016 GIA Publications, Inc.


Rainier Maria Rilke wrote: Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror. Just keep going, no feeling is final. Imagine the feelings felt by Mary as she sang to her infant son. May we share that hope and confidence in this new year.   

Music: What Child is This (arr. Fisher, CD-189), Birthsong (text by Wren, music by Haas, G-3455)

From Ruth Duck’s hymn: God of the Ages

God of the ages, now and past,

thankful of heart, we turn to you.

God of the faithful, year by year,

grant us your mercies ever new.

            God of the ages, hear our prayer;

            all generations know your care.

© 1992 GIA Publications, Inc.

Ryan Homsey’s setting of the Tennyson text Ring Out, Wild Bells sings of the end of the calendar year in which we are invited to leave behind all that will prevent us from hearing Christ in the new year.

Music: God Rest You Merry Gentlemen (arr. Fisher, CD-189), Ring Out, Wild Bells (text by Tennyson, music by Homsey, G-8425)


From Adam Tice’s hymn: Enchanted by Candles 

Enamored by pictures of donkeys and sheep,

and shepherds in pastures awakened from sleep,

the children can teach us the myst’ry so deep:

that Jesus, the baby, in Christ

© 2015 GIA Publications, Inc.


Dream a Dream, the shared effort of two women at opposite ends of the earth, helps us remember that whether Christ comes in the middle of winter or in the heat of summer, the seeds of peace are planted in our hearts.

Music: Coventry Carol (arr. Petrunak, CD-466), Dream a Dream (music by True, text by Murray, G-6653)

From Delores Dufner’s hymn: Eternal Light from light 

Eternal Light from light, by loves design

You are the Christ, both human and divine.

Bright Morning Star, you never cease to shine, alleluia!

© 2011 GIA Publications, Inc.


Like the angels, can we ever tire of singing Glory to the one who is both human and divine Sometimes, we even have to sing it in an old translation, as heard here in Richard Proulx’s setting from the early 1970’s.

Music: Christmas Suite from Seasons of Grace, vol. 3 (arr. Tate, G-7466), Gloria for a Holy Day (Proulx, G-2296, CD-467).

From Sylvia Dunstan’s hymn: Hymn for the Holy Innocents

Blest are the Innocents, Bethlehem’s own,

killed by a tyrant who clings to a throne.

Not just by Herod, not just long ago,

here and today voices cry from below.

© 1995 GIA Publications, Inc.

Today on the Feast of the Holy Innocents, let us call to mind all children who suffer – not only at the hands of tyrants – but by our own complicit closed fists. 

Music: Silent Night (arr. Petrunak, CD-466),  A Weary Couple (Text by Tice, arr. Alonso, G-9703)

From Mel Bringle’s hymn: As Joseph Lay in Troubled Sleep

The son of Joseph, child of God, returned from exile’s flight,

and grew to follow haunting dreams of shadow-piercing Light.

He, too, was slain in innocence, the Lamb who sanctifies.

Yet, still he lives in risen hope:

            Our dream that never dies.

© 2002 GIA Publications, Inc. 

Just as we hear in the gospel today, Brandon Waddles setting of the spiritual Amen reminds us that the babe in the manger will ultimately die to save us and rise on Easter.


Music: In the Bleak Midwinter (arr. Petrunak, CS-466),  Amen! (arr. Waddles, G-8685)

From Mel Bringle’s hymn: Christ’s Lullaby

Come, see the small one / cradled in straw.

God’s whole creation / gathers in awe.

            Worlds hushed in silence / hear from on high

            morning stars singing / Christ’s lullaby.

© 1995 GIA Publications, Inc.


Today’s music is by Irish composer Bernard Sexton who has taken an Isaac Watts text and fashioned it into a gentle but lush lullaby for the Christ child.

Music: Still, Still, Still (arr. Petrunak, CS-466), Hush, My Dear (Sexton, G-9782)

From Sylvia Dunstan’s hymn: Like a Whisper in the Heart

Like a whisper in the heart, Angels singing in the sky. Glory, glory murmuring, every stone shall shout reply. Gloria in excelsis Deo.

Like the twinkling of an eye, Angels winging through the night. Glory, glory glimmering, Hope of heaven shining bright. Gloria in excelsis Deo.

Like the brushing of a hand, Angels swinging with the stars, Glory, glory echoing. All is near that once was far. Gloria in excelsis Deo.

Like a leaping in the dance, Angels flinging wide the door, Glory, glory welcoming Peace, my love, forevermore. Gloria in excelsis Deo. 

© 1995 GIA Publications, Inc.


Music: Angels We Have Heard on High (arr. Petrunak, CS-466), Ding, Dong! Merrily on High! (arr. Murphy, WW1738)