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By Jennifer Kerr Budziak

Greetings, all, and welcome to Sing Amen!—Ministering through Music!

My name is Jennifer Kerr Breedlove-Budziak, and I am a conductor, composer, liturgical musician, singer, and I currently serve as Editor for Music Formation Resources at GIA Publications.

My mission here at GIA is to help develop materials to help music ministers grow as musicians and ministers. Part of that involves editing books and other more concrete in-print materials, but Sing Amen! will also be a big part of what I do. Along with the blog, we will be launching a podcast about once every two weeks (subscribe to Sing Amen!—The Podcast at iTunes, or find it here on the blog). We will also occasionally put up videos in which some of our best clinicians offer their wisdom and thoughts and techniques for some of the various areas of pastoral music ministry.

Finally, a big part of this project will be reaching out to you, the ministers yourselves—connecting with real people, and getting them connected with one another, sharing wisdom, finding out where we feel lost and where we feel solid, discovering places we can reach out to each other. So come in and join us, and let the people sing Amen!

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The Rosary:
The Mysteries of Life

By: Liam Lawton

Handbook for Cantors

By: Diana Kodner Gokce

The Organist's Craft

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A Musical Guide for Catholics

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Body Mapping for Music Ministers

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One in Love and Peace

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Of Womb and Tomb

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Why Do We Sing?

By: Diana Kodner Gokce

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