Today we have a special podcast episode to celebrate the month of the Most Holy Rosary, which is October. Father Liam Lawton has produced a new recording entitled “The Rosary: The Mysteries of Life,” (CD-1075) which will be released by GIA in the very near future. This project, recorded by Fr. Liam and the Poor Clare Sisters of Carlow, Ireland, contains a meditative reading of all four of the Mysteries of the Rosary—the Joyful Mysteries, recalling the birth and early life of Jesus; the Sorrowful Mysteries, focusing on the Passion and death of Jesus; the Glorious Mysteries, which focus on the Resurrection and the birth of the Church, as well as Jesus’ relationship with his mother; and the Luminous Mysteries, which highlight some of the great episodes in Jesus’ public life and ministry. 

            In a world full of complication and busy-ness, I have a feeling this project of Fr. Liam’s could be a great gift to many people of faith. It is beautiful but very very simple: it is, quite simply, a praying of the Rosary. For each decade of the Rosary, Fr. Liam offers a reflection on the particular mystery being prayed, and listeners are invited to join in the series of prayers (the Our Father, ten Hail Marys, and one Glory Be) with the Poor Clare Sisters, through the five decades of the rosary prayer. (This is also, by the way, is a lovely opportunity for connection with with these women, members of a cloistered order who live their lives within their enclosed community and open their hearts in prayer to all who visit or write them—As we pray for and with them, and each other, we invite one another to sink down into this meditative centuries-old prayer form.)

            All four sets of mysteries will be included on the complete 2-CD resource; this podcast will include a praying of the Glorious Mysteries, taken from the recording.

            So we invite you to take half an hour or so out of the busyness of your day to join in prayer—peace be with you!

The prayers and music for today’s podcast are taken from:

The Rosary: The Mysteries of Life, CD-1075

Sing Amen! the Podcast, with Jennifer Kerr Budziak
Sound by Jim Bogdanich

Sing Amen! opening music: Promenade, by Bob Moore (from Let Every Instrument Be Tuned for Praise, CD-491, from Liturgical Suite #4, G-4789 ©GIA Publications, Inc).
Sing Amen! closing music: Amen, (from More Sublime Chant, CD-459, The Cathedral Singers, Richard Proulx, conductor. ©GIA Publications, Inc.)