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Musings on Hispanic Music Ministry

By Peter Kolar

¡Cantemos Amén! explores the many facets of Hispanic music ministry. From repertoire to liturgical practices and application, this blog breaks open important topics so that those engaged in this ministry can benefit from pastoral insights and experience.


Peter Kolar is Editor for Spanish and Bilingual Resources at GIA Publications, Inc. A respected bilingual composer, pianist, author and speaker, Peter currently serves as the Director of the Diocesan Choir in El Paso, Texas and is a member of the board of directors for the Southwest Liturgical Conference. On Sundays, he participates as a member of the singing faithful with his family in the pews.

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Praying for El Paso

Praying for El Paso

This past weekend, 22 people were murdered and dozens more seriously injured in a mass shooting that took place in El Paso, TX, the city where I live with my family and call home. The shooter was a lone gunman who traveled more than 600 miles to target and kill...

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50-50… What Makes a Liturgy Bilingual?

50-50… What Makes a Liturgy Bilingual?

Welcome back! Bienvenidos de nuevo a ¡Cantemos Amén! I saw a post awhile back on a pastoral musicians’ forum that caught my eye. Music directors were responding to a question posed by a colleague about how much English versus Spanish there should be in a bilingual...

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Welcome • Bienvenidos a ¡Cantemos Amén!

Welcome • Bienvenidos a ¡Cantemos Amén!

Musings in Hispanic Music Ministry Welcome! ¡Bienvenidos! These days, there's many excellent forums to be found on the topic of Hispanic music ministry. There's also many wonderful minds contributing to the important dialogue on liturgical music and bilingual liturgy....

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Why Do We Sing?

By: Diana Kodner Gokce

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